Our Story

Acknowledge your privilege and pay it forward.


Semua Sekolah started as a reflection of the founders on the journeys they have experienced so far. This reflection reminds them of how far education has taken them and of how experiences away from home have allowed them to meet and learn from amazing people from different corners of the world. The founders realized the privilege of having the freedom to choose to study any field about which they were passionate as well as the importance of a great support system and of the mentors they have met along the way.

Formal education, especially higher education, is still not an option for many young women in Bali.

Semua Sekolah started with a hope that students never have to choose between their college education and making ends meet.

Semua Sekolah is hoped to be the extension of some of those privileges and opportunities for underrepresented individuals in our homeland of Bali. In aspiring to be responsible community members, Semua Sekolah intends to help provide the next generations, especially of young women, with the resources they need to develop into well-rounded and self-sufficient adults. Semua Sekolah hopes to assist aspiring female students to succeed in college and beyond, and to spread awareness of the importance of women pursuing higher education in Bali and around the world.

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Semua Sekolah provides a merit-/potential-/coachable-/needs-based scholarship in the form of:

Financial support you need to pursue college degree (S1) up to IDR 40million

Personal mentorship

Network access to our friends and mentors

Currently, Semua Sekolah does not have a fixed number of scholarship grantee(s) annually. The founders remain the majority funding source for the first few rounds of scholarships, and as such, we are asking our friends and family to get involved so we may have sustained funding options to accommodate more applicants. Due to this financial limitation, Semua Sekolah also welcomes applicants who are only looking for (b) and (c), including college students/graduates who are interested in pursuing a graduate study.


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Meet the Founders

We are three siblings born and raised in Denpasar, Bali, who strongly believe that education is paramount to success in life. We have always loved exchanging stories with our family and friends, and believe that everyone we meet along the way brings unique experiences, lessons, and wisdom to learn from.

Putu A. Ditta S. Ustriyana

drg. University of Indonesia, M.S. & Ph.D. in Polymer Science The University of Akron, Postdoc University of California, San Francisco

Upon graduating from SMA Negeri 1 Denpasar, Ditta decided to move to Jakarta to pursue dentistry through the invitation from the Rector to the University of Indonesia. Later as a Fulbright Scholar, she pursued a doctorate degree at The University of Akron, one of the premier polymer programs in the US. After doing a short postdoctoral study at the School of Dentistry, UCSF, she is now back in Indonesia and working as a management consultant.

Made Grazia V. Ustriyana

S.H. University of Indonesia, LL.M. Harvard Law School

When Grazia was a student at SMA Negeri 1 Denpasar, she served as Teruni Denpasar 2007. She then went on to pursue her first law degree at the University of Indonesia with the invitation from the Rector. Upon graduation, she spent 6 months at a legal aid firm before starting her career with one of the biggest law firms in Jakarta. Grazia was then accepted to Harvard Law School, one of the world’s most prestigious law schools. She joined Go-jek legal team after her graduate study, and she is now practicing as a corporate lawyer.

Nyoman Gede Grenata N. Ustriyana

dr. Trisakti University

Like his sisters, Grenata is also a graduate of SMA Negeri 1 Denpasar. Before high school, he was a point guard on the Denpasar and Bali basketball team. Continuing as a student-athlete, he was a captain of the Trisakti Medical basketball team until he entered his clinical year. Grenata was named the Most Outstanding Student of Medical Faculty of Trisakti University in 2016. He graduated cum laude and went back to Bali for his internship in Gianyar. He is now practicing as a resident medical doctor in a private hospital in Badung.