Dear Family and Friends,


Any contribution from you will be a lasting investment in the bright future of young, aspirational women. If you share our value in advancing and expanding opportunities for women in higher education, please consider donating to this program. We are accepting any form of financial donation and we are happy to welcome anyone who would like to share their time as student mentors. For transparency, we will update the website to include every donation we receive on this website regularly. If you have any questions/comments, we are always happy to discuss this journey with you.

Kindly share your interest to donate to or be a mentor to

Due to the limited resources that we currently have, we expect only to be able to grant a small number of financial-based scholarships. However, we are committed to expanding opportunities to as many women as we can. Please refer to the websites below for more financial aid opportunities.

We are forever grateful for the support of our generous family and friends who have contributed to this journey with us.



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